The main reason for a lack of progress in our own lives, or in the progress of our organizations is the fact that humans become too comfortable with their surroundings. Realistically, that is why there is such a lack of greatness in the world!

Sure, people like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods were blessed with an incredible ability to perform in basketball and golf respectively, but do you think that skill alone was enough to propel them to the top of their field over everyone else that’s ever played? Of course not! Michael and Tiger, along with everyone else who has ever achieved anything truly great became comfortable with making themselves feel uncomfortable.

These are people who are constantly pushing the limits of what their minds and bodies can do. These are people who dedicate their entire life and passion to becoming the absolute best, and they do that by getting a little bit better every single day. By forcing themselves to do whatever it takes to get a little bit better, the end result is incredible.

There is no reason that greatness can’t be achieved, aside from self limiting beliefs. When in doubt: work hard, stay humble and no matter what, never allow yourself to get too comfortable.


Some might say Lil’ Wayne is great too, I think his accountant certainly would. If you don’t believe me, take it from Wayne:

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