Attitude is Everything

The title of this post seems like a cliche but in actuality, it couldn’t be more true. The reason I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt is because I live it week in and week out.

Over the past couple of years since my father passed away, I have been going through a personal journey of development. Like many that have had similar experiences and put time and effort into becoming the person they truly want to be, I have had some extreme highs and lows. One thing I know about myself is that I can have a tendency to overthink things. When this happens, it is almost a definite downward spiral in my mood, and can lead to being less motivated and obviously less productive.

Quite honestly, the way I am feeling on Sunday night before the following week begins is almost always an incredible predictor of how my week will go; if I’m tired and put out, the ensuing week will certainly be a challenge. One really fantastic way of putting myself in the right mindset for the week at hand is to utilize something called positive affirmations. Rather than allowing myself to think negatively, I focus all of my attention on the positive things in my life such as my fantastic job, family and friends. After that, I attempt to focus my energy on my goals and visualize myself as the person I hope to become. It is when I put a huge emphasis on this way of thinking that I am at my best.

In order to truly achieve my goals, I know that my journey in personal development is just beginning. Life is a never ending journey towards growth and learning. Without a positive mindset, it is impossible to achieve success.

After a week of negative progress, I’m extremely excited for the week at hand. I finished this evening up with a 40 minute exercise from Sean Vigue on Youtube and can’t wait to get back in the gym bright and early tomorrow morning. This is going to be a great and productive week.

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