Book Review: Gorilla Mindset

I just finished up reading Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions to Live Life on Your Terms by Mike Cernovich. While I don’t yet know a ton about Mike, from what I can tell he began life as an average joe, which I imagine makes it very easy to relate to the majority of those that find themselves drawn to his content. Through commitment to mastering his thoughts and emotions, Mike took himself from being an overweight individual with a caustic, abrasive personality to develop a life of esteem that he enjoys living. Ultimately, I think the purpose of the book is to provide guiding values and principles which will allow others to become the people they want to be.

One of the main recurring themes that I picked up on through out my journey through the book is the relationship between the mind and the body. In essence, it is a whole lot easier to achieve success through the use of your body when your mind is in order, and vice versa. In order to achieve maximum results you need to have a well nourished, well rested

Another guiding principle in Gorilla Mindset is definitely an offshoot of the ideas of Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich.” That is, with some sort of passion or purpose, it is much easier to guide the mind and body to make the decisions that will lead you toward that goal. Frankly, this is the same advice that anyone worth listening to is giving. If it were as easy to determine some core beliefs as it is to talk about them, that would be half the battle.

As far as practical suggestions go, I’ve tried to nail down three specific things to take away from the book that I’m not doing today, but will look into:

  1. The first thing that I’m going to try is what Cernovich called a “contrast shower.” Frankly, I’ve heard of cold showers many times before and actually read about them in another blog just yesterday. That being said, I’ve honestly been too much of a pansy to just hop in and start taking cold showers, yeah yeah, I know. Anyways, a couple of tips in the book to get used to doing this is first, start with hot water then after 60 seconds or so, shift the water to cold. For the rest of the shower, alternate back and forth between hot and cold water finally finishing on cold. Given that I haven’t tried this method yet, I don’t have a ton to add but will certainly report back when I feel as though I have something more to offer on the subject.
  2. Next, the book mentioned a product called Greens Plus ( which supposedly helps those of us that aren’t able to consume enough green vegetables in a given day get that bit of nutrition. Follow up on this subject to come as well.
  3. Finally, it felt really good to hear straight from Mike the importance of writing and expressing ideas and opinions on paper rather than just letting them float around in your head. I’ve been wanting to start a habit of writing for quite some time and I’m really excited to be writing this blog. Really, I’m not doing this for anyone besides myself and at this point I don’t particularly expect anyone to be terribly interested in what I have to say but hey, you never know.


  1. I got to the gym a bit later than I would have liked this morning as I didn’t get up until quarter to 6. Adding in a five minute meditation in the morning has been pretty cool so far, I think it’s a fantastic way to get the day started. Once there, I simply did five rounds of jumping rope followed by the recommended Athlean X agility ladder interval exercise. That is, I completed 8 rounds each with 20 seconds on and a 30 second break the lateral shuffle, In In Out Out, Icky Shuffle (a lot like the heisman) and the Ali Shuffle. I was dripping in sweat by the time it was done and severely out of breath so I think it was a success.
  2. Got into the hotel pretty late for work and I didn’t want to disrupt anybody below me so I simply completed a 10 minute “Fat Burning” workout from Sean Vigue’s Bodyweight Workout Youtube Channel.
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